How to make Hair bows w/ Ribbon Spikes

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  • Michelle Garrett

  • Welcome EasyMakeBows


    EasyMakeBow kits created by Michelle Garrett are so easy that children can assemble the bow kits to create there own hair bow design!

    Please click on the links to each sides of the page and it will take you to a different bow making kit.

    Have fun Bow Making!

  • How to make Boutique Hairbows

  • Learn How to Make Boutique Flip Flops & Visor

  • EasyMakeBows Hair Bow instructions

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How to Make Hair Bow instructions CD

Posted by easymakebows on May 17, 2013


How to make hair bows CD


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How to make Hair Bows- instructions Bowkit

Posted by easymakebows on January 5, 2012

Hair bow instructions Bowkit



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Super Bowl Cheerleader Hair Bow instructions!

Posted by easymakebows on February 4, 2011

Get ready you


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It’s Here!

Back by popular demand!

Instructions on

How to make

Cheerleader  Hair Bows



These are great for Super Bowl Sunday!

Purchase your ribbon spikes and cheerleader streamers


Cheerleader Pom Pom Hair bow from Easy Make Bows on Vimeo.

Start with a piece of card stock, poke the threaded sewing needle through the bottom and tape card to table. Start with your cheerleader ribbon streamers, then start folding your ribbon spikes and start to layer them on top, one at time. Finish by wraping the thread and needle around the middle section until your hair bow is secured. Then take your pony tail holder and wrap it around the middle ribbon spikes and cheerleader streamers.

Comience con un pedazo de cartulina, meter la aguja de coser roscado
a través de la tarjeta de abajo y la cinta a la mesa.
Comience con sus serpentinas animadora de la cinta, y comienza a doblar
los tacos de la cinta y empezar a capa ellas en la parte superior, uno a la vez.
Finalizar la parte superior con algunas Korkers rizado y coser la aguja y el hilo a través de la sección central hasta el arco del cabello es garantizado.
Luego tomar el titular de su cola de caballo y cosa que en el fondo de serpentinas su animadora. Pegue un pedazo de cinta de gro que se corta y el calor sellado en los extremos para evitar que se deshilachen.

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Michelle Garretts * Easy Make Bows *

Posted by easymakebows on November 1, 2010




This is the most  simple way

to create Boutique Quality Hairbows!

Click picture to buy the CD

Learn How to make Boutique hair bows!

 Learn the secrets to bow making


I LOVED the CD I received from you!!

Now I WILL NO LONGER SEW lol to make bows!!!

Fast Delivery – Highly Recommended – Thank you :o)

The only person I trust for my hairbow stuff!

Love Love Love my Ribbon Spikes! Will use you over and OVER! thanks so much!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I could make millions of these to match all of my girls stuff

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Cheerleader Ribbon Spike Pom Pom Hair Bow 

Posted by easymakebows on October 18, 2010

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It’s Here!  

Cheerleader Ribbon Spike Hair Bow


Great for SuperBowl Sunday

How to make

Cheerleader Pom Pom Hair bows


Step by Step

Hair bow instructions on How to make cheerleader hair bows


Cheerleader Hairbows!

Easy to learn

Be the first at your school to

Show your team spirit!


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Pinwheel Hair bow Tutorial

Posted by easymakebows on October 12, 2010

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Here is the Original Ribbon Spike Pinwheel Hair Bow

You can attach these hairbows to just about anything you want

Great for spikey cheer hair bows, headband, sandals, flip flops, hand made kufi hats!

We have a huge selection of

grosgrain ribbon


Please Click on link below

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HeadBand Hairbows by Ribbon Spikes

Posted by easymakebows on October 11, 2010


What you’ll need:
a soft foam visor
1 yard of 3/8 grosgrain ribbon
 a Ribbon Spike bow.
You will also need a hand paper hole puncher
You will punch each hole 1″ apart along the rim of the visor
Then 2 holes at the top for the hairbow.
Weave your 3/8 grosgrain ribbon through the punched holes
along the Rim. Turn visor over, cut and tie off each end.
You will weave this ribbon at the top of the head visor.
Then place your Ribbon Spike hair bow between the ribbon
and tie the ribbon off twice.


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Making Baby Bows for Flip Flop Sandals with Ribbon Spikes

Posted by easymakebows on October 9, 2010

Here is cute and simple way to embellish your

Infant baby

Flip flop sandals.


Click Link Below to watch video

In this Free tutorial instruction video

As you fold each ribbon in half you will fold it again the other way
to make sure you are placing the ribbon spike in the middle
of your needle to make your bow.
For the baby infant bow sandal we are using
Dark Orchid polka dot grosgrain ribbon
Place your ribbon and tie it around the sandal strap by the toe area
double knot then place the hairbow on the knot
create another double knot to secure.
You can place a dab of glue between the knots to keep permanent
or you can just change the bow when you want a new theme.

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Attaching Ribbon Spike Hair bows to Flip Flops

Posted by easymakebows on May 25, 2010

Get ready for Summer Fun

With this New way to embellish your

Flip flops!

We have a huge selection of Cut and heat sealed Ribbon


In this free hair bow video tutorial on

How to make Ribbon Spike Flip Flops.

You start with 2 pinwheel spike bows

Create your pin wheel spike hair bow.

Then you will make another ribbon spike bow

The printed and solid ribbon colors should make a

pleasant pattern.

You will loop the ribbon around the toe of the flip flop

With the ends pointing toward the toe of the shoe.

Then loop it over and under and tighten.

Then create a knot and have each ribbon end

pointed with one up and one down.

Place your  pinwheel spike bow on top of the knot.

Then place your 2nd pin wheel spike hairbow on

top of the first bow.

Make a double knot and your flip flop is complete.

Please see our post on attaching ribbon spikes to a visor and headband!

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Cheerleader Hair bows

Posted by easymakebows on May 20, 2010


Buy it Now

Click on Picture





 In this cheer leader instruction video the ribbon colors are to match the Red, White and black zebra print  with white swiss dots and black school colors. These are great colors for Arizona Cardinals too!

You would use the card stock 8 1/2 x 5 inches fold in half and insert a threaded needle through from the bottom securing it with removable tape. Then secure the card to a table or book to keep from shifting. Take your cheerleader ribbon streamers and place them one at a time on top of each other onto the sewing needle. Then start stacking your pre cut and heat sealed ribbon spikes on top of sew needle. Then you will wrap the thread around the middle of cheer hair bow and push the needle and thread through the center, securing it with a knot. Your cheerleader hairbow is complete and you can attach it to a pony tail holder,  with the ribbon streamers hanging down on each side.

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